For Participants:
Membership Application Form

Map and MAP HIKE Order Form

USOF Standard Entry Form

IOF Control Descriptions

Boy Scout Chestnut Ridge Permanent Course Map and Punch Card

For Meet Directors:

Meet Directors Guide

Participant Instructions in Pdf Format

Participant Instructions in Word Format

Meet Registration in Pdf Format

Meet Registration in Excel Format

Start-Finish Sheet in Pdf Format

Start-Finish Sheet in Word Format

General Waiver Form

Meet Summary Sheet in Pdf Format

Meet Summary Sheet in Excel Format

Control Flag Inventory

IOF Symbol Excel File for Creating Clue Sheets:
Contains reference sheet with all fonts shown to copy to clue sheets.

Orienteering font file, read
me file
and description file. You will need to install the font file on your computer in order for the proper font to show in an Excel file.

2016 Guided Map Hike Info for Leaders