Email Archive

A listing of club emails

11/19/17: Thanksgiving Wishes

10/9/17: Sardinia Score-O and Fall Orienteering Opportunities

9/26/17: Meet at Emery Park this Weekend

9/01/17: Meet at Schoellokopf Scout Camp coming up

8/20/17: Ellicottville Event Coming Up – Volunteers Needed

7/27/17: Upcoming Events

7/20/17: Tonight’s Guided Map Hike is Cancelled

6/29/17: Guided Map Hikes and Other Events

6/19/17: Sprague Brook Meet this Saturday

6/12/17: Volunteers Needed Thursday in Knox Farm

5/27/17: Knox Farm Meet June 3rd

5/14/17: Chestnut Ridge Meet this Saturday

4/30/17: Cherry Blossom Challenge this Saturday

4/25/17: Annual Meeting Recap and More

4/19/17: Cherry Blossom Challenge on May 6th

4/17/17: Annual Meeting and Open House this Saturday

4/15/17: Announcing the 2017 Season

3/26/17: Annual Meeting and Open House in April