All the club’s meets need volunteers in order to have a successful event. If you would like to help with part of a meet, please contact the meet director by reviewing the Event Schedule. A description of the full responsibilities of a meet director can be found here.  Descriptions of volunteer opportunities are  below. Volunteers are still able to participate in the meet.


  • Participant MUST sign waiver of liability.  Be sure to obtain phone number, address and license plate number.
  • Collect meet fee.  Make sure participant know that they must check in at the download area whether they complete the course or not.
  • Determine entrants course and provide them with a map, map case, control card and the appropriate course clue sheet.
  • Direct beginners to the instructional area.
  • Direct participants to the electronics area to get their dibbler.

Map Hike Sales

  • Man the map hike table at meets selling the map hike maps.

Course designer

  • Determine where the controls will be placed for the meet for the various courses. Ex. white, yellow, orange, green and red courses.

Course vetter

  • Check possible control locations prior to a  meet and work with the course designer.

Putting out controls

  • Help place controls for a meet possibly the day before the meet or the morning of the meet.

Control Pickup

  • Responsible for helping the meet director collect control flags after the meet.


  • Work the computer
  • Hand out dibblers
  • Monitor results
  • Training is provided if you are interested in helping in this area.

Snack provider

  • Shop for snacks and bring snacks to the meet.


  • Take photos during a meet for club use.