All BflO’s meets need volunteers in order to have a successful event. If you would like to help with part of a meet, please contact the meet director by reviewing the Event Schedule. A description of the full responsibilities of a meet director can be found here. Volunteers most often help with Registration, Start-Finish, and Flag Pickup. Descriptions of these activities are shown below.


  • Participant MUST sign waiver of liability.  Be sure to obtain phone number, address and license plate number.
  • Collect meet fee.  Make sure participant know that they must check in at the finish line whether they complete the course or not.
  • Determine entrants course and provide them with a map, map case, control card and the appropriate course clue sheet.
  • Direct participants to the master course copying area.
  • Collect additional fees for Map Hike packets, compass rentals additional maps and other merchandise.
  • Direct beginners to the instructional area.
  • Direct participants to the start area, making any final meet announcements.


  • Assign start times as participants arrive at the start area.  Record names and start times on the log sheet.  Make sure that participants names and course are on their punch cards.
  • Start entrants participating on the same course at two to three minute intervals.
  • Record finish times (in minutes and seconds) on the log sheet and collect control cards.
  • Check control card punches against the courses master card.
  • Compute course time and record on time sheet log and on control card.  Post control cards.
  • Report overdue (over three hours) participants to meet director.
  • When all participants have finished, determine course winners.
  • Let meet director know that all participants have finished and that the flags can be picked up.

Flag Pickup

  • Responsible for helping the meet director collect control flags after the meet.
  • Helps to make sure that all directional signs are picked up.