Chestnut Ridge Beginner Permanent Course

Chestnut Ridge Park Beginner Permanent Course

1. Using the map (which can be downloaded here), navigate to the locations indicated by the small circles. A compass will help you walk in the right direction but is not necessary on this course.
2. At the location, you’ll find a 4″ x 4″ post. On top of the post an orange marker will be attached. This is called a “control.”
3. The number on the control will correspond to the number by the circle on the map. Also on the control will be a number “code”. Copy this code in the box by the control description.
4. You can visit the controls in any order you wish. 5. The start is located at coordinates 42°43’00.9″N, 78°44’24.6″W. The google map link is

1. Orienteering is a great family or group activity. But, if you go by yourself, tell someone where you are going.
2. “Orient” the map every time you look at it. That is, turn the map so that the map North points toward Magnetic North as shown by a compass. This will put the map “in sync” with the terrain and will make it easier to read.
3. Have a plan in mind for which features to follow to get to the control, such as a road, trail or stream.
4. Hold the map in your hand and find your current location.
5. The controls are mounted to the top of 4 x 4 posts, so you may have to look carefully to see some of them. In general, if you are at the feature described in the “Control Descriptions” and you turn in a circle, you will be able to spot it.
6. Keep in mind that maps are drawn by people and the mapper’s decisions on what to show and how to show it might not be the same as what your decisions would be. Do not be surprised if you come across new features that are not shown on the map. Please be aware that the map may not be up to date and some trails and vegetation boundaries might have changed.