Help – Volunteers Needed for Chestnut Ridge

Hi orienteers,

Now that our first meet is over, we are looking toward our second: Chestnut Ridge on Saturday, May 20.  We need to line up volunteers to make this event a success.

Because a Learn & Practice will precede the regular meet run by Henry, we need instructors to teach the beginners the basics of the sport. You do not have to be an expert orienteer to be an instructor—anyone who has participated for a couple of years or anyone who has completed an orange level course has enough knowledge to be an instructor.

The instructors will spend up to a half an hour showing the beginners what our maps look like and showing them how to navigate from point to point. There is NOT much emphasis on using a compass other than getting the map oriented to North before proceeding to a location.  After the half hour of instruction, the leader will walk his or her group through a little course of three controls set up by Jackie and Linc.

We also will need two to three people to register the participants both at the Learn & Practice and during the meet.  Those who teach and those who register participants will also be able to participate in the meet themselves.

Please let Linc know if you can help out at this meet either through e-mail to or by phone at 716-479-9431. I would love to hear from you very soon so that I am not driven mad from worry.

Thank you!